Medical Record Transcription Security Procedures

We know that the security and privacy of your medical records is of utmost importance. Every step possible is taken to make sure that your records stay private. We ensure HIPAA compliance through an exhaustive compliance management process. First, all Transcription Solutions employees sign confidentiality agreements regarding issues related to workstation, file transfer, email and internet security. In addition, Transcription Solutions uses state-of-the-art network infrastructure with 128-Bit encryption for secure access. Most importantly however, is that our employees have a well-developed compliance culture, which is further reinforced through periodic training and education on compliance issues.

Transcription Solutions team have worked together for years and our profit sharing agreement means that every employee has a personal stake in insuring the privacy of your records. The stability of the relationship with our employees distinguishes us from other outsourcing companies and by using Transcription Solutions you can be assured in our guarentee of HIPAA compliance since we don’t subcontract.
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