Accuracy & Speed

Our experienced team of transcriptionists has historically been able to provide accuracy at a 99.5% level. This is achieved through a multi-tier multi-step proofing process. We don’t guess around and in the rare event that a transcriber feels less than confident of the word, they leave the word blank instead of guessing it and flag the report accordingly. Turn around time is managed as per the client’s contracts. Typically Transcription Solution practices next-day delivery so that audio files uploaded by the client in the evening or afternoon are transcribed and delivered by the next morning.


Quality Control Procedures


1. Automatic assignment of job status.
2. Software control reports on Proofreaders for action.
3. Deficiency analysis by reviewing entire reports.
4. Direct communication link between Transcriptionist & Proofreaders.
5. Continuous and multi level proofreading of the work of each transcriptionists.
6. All reports are super checked with the audio.
7. Turn around time is managed as to the contract specifications.


The Steps of Proofreading at Transcription Solutions


Stage 1: Employees who have been transcribing for more than four years and are producing accuracy above 98.0%+ themselves, are exposed to first layer (probationers) proofreading for at least six months and are then engaged in Level 1 proofreading. These people check through the transcribed files before files are posted to the next level of proofreading.


Stage 2: Proofreaders who exhibits strong authority in proofreading and possess excellent English and Grammar skills in addition to in-depth knowledge of medical terminolog

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