About Us

Transcription Solutions takes pride in the personalized service we are able to offer every client. We have offices in both India and the United States, a setup that allows us to assign a US based manager and contact to each individual account, while delivering the low pricing you would expect from an outsourcing company. While other outsourcing firms simply subcontract your work to the lowest bidder and your work ends up in the hands of questionable transcribers, this doesn’t happen at Transcription Solutions. We can guarantee that our highly trained team of transcribers will handle each and every job efficentily and with quality.

Our office in India is staffed by a highly experienced team of transcribers, many of whom have been working in the field since its conception in India 10 years ago. Our transcribers are offered a unique profit sharing arrangement and are well compensated for their work. This not only allows us to retain the best employees in the field, but it also provides our employees with a source of motivation and a commitment to excellence. This shared feeling of ownership with the employees is not common in the world of outsourcing, where to often the utmost concern is cost rather than quality.

In addition to our unique profit sharing plan, our United States office has a close relationship with the office personal in India. All our US based employees have worked for at least several months at our office in India. The ability for team members from both offices to work together on a first name basis is a great advantage when it comes to quickly resolving potential difficulties. We believe that by being small and sticking to a simple company structure we are able to best serve our clients and our employees.


Transcription Solutions hasn’t taken any shortcuts in developing its state of the art offices in India. Our office features two independent, secure, high-speed internet connections and an easy to reach 1-800 telephone number. In addition, our entire office is equipped with back-up power generating equipment that allows work to continue without a second’s interruption. You can rest assure that no matter what the conditions are outside the office we can get your work done.


We know that the security and privacy of your medical records is of utmost importance and we take every step possible to make sure that your records stay private. As we don’t subcontract any work we can promise HIPAA compliance. Our core group of employees has worked together for years and our profit sharing agreement means that every team member has a personal stake in insuring the privacy of your records.

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